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Financial problems? LIKE I GIVE A FUCK.

tl;dr: hard up for money. want one on one tutoring (customs, me supporting you, etc.) I now offer that. Want elo boosts? Still offering! $3 a win. Hey guys. Other than a few very generous people, it's been a pretty dry week for me. My dad's home from the hospital, but his entire body his this fucking staph infection. He needs to wear gloves to pet our cat. He can't hold glasses properly. It's pretty shitty. Alternatively, the friend who was gonna drive Alyx here for a flat $500 is now dropping out, life circumstances, etc. I have someone else willing to drive, but I'm gonna have to front gas money myself. That's going to run me like fuckin' $2,000. So really, if you're enjoying my shows, and my time spent entertaining you, and you feel like i deserve it, show me some love via paypal. Every god damned dollar counts, seriously. I love seeing $3 fucking donations. If every viewer I had donated $1 to me, I could afford to get her here in no time :D I had someone come to me the other day asking me to personally tutor him, help him get better at AD. Said he'd pay me a small hourly rate. It's something I'd rreally like to do, especially since most viewers are lesser players who wouldn't mind learning/getting better. So if you'd like the same treatment, hit me up.


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