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Hi. Stream's been offline for a week. Here's why!

1) I'm depressed/distraught/dealing with a LOT of shit with my father and alyx and my father's sister and my epilepsy. I'm shaking bad near constantly, my reaction times are slow, and I've been VERY anti-social and quick to anger. None of these make for a good shot, I'm sorry. 2) Diablo III. I can't stream it, but I've been playing it. The bandwidth is too stronk for my to stream, everyone complains about how laggy/shitty it is. A lot of you have my Skype. If I'm not live again every day by June 1st, spam me and yell at me. I wanna be back in full swing before then, but that's when you can start yelling at me. Again, I'm sorry and I love you all. The site isn't dead, I'm just a faggot. But OP is always a faggot.


CoAndCo said...

please come back soon, we miss you...

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