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LF Summoner Accounts in "ELO Hell"

Hey. If you're stuck in ELO Hell, and want some (re: a lot) of help out of it, get a hold of me somehow (IRC or ingame or email!) and I'll see what I can do to get your ass out of it. What you need: A few ranged carries (Tristana, Ashe, Kog'maw, Corki, Vayne, etc) AD Runes (Flat AD Reds/Quints preferable, Arp acceptable) That's pretty much it, really. Donations have been incredibly slow, and this has worked out for me in the past before, so I figure it would be a good idea to get the idea public, help increase revenue, etc. I needed a new post anyway.


Darkwhisp said...

Im in elo hell need some help, was nearly at bronze but shot straight down due to noobs. Can you help? :D

Crazy Dude XD said...

I got to bronze but now i am stuck 1250 , Got 1300 wins normal and 1250 loss normal, 200 wins ranked this season and like 194 loss , Please help, Add me on EUW: Crazy Dude XD

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