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Raising funds. I have two months to make two grand.

tl;dr: My life just got a lot more unstable financially. If you can spare a few dollars, feel free to help support me. My aunt has changed her mind. She has decided that no internet slut will be living in her house. So my father and I are moving out. This also means I need to find a new way to get her here, a new way that'll probably run me $1,200 on average. My dad's pain medication alone is going to cost us $389 a month until October. On top of the $1,200 from gas alone, my father and I are going to need money to buy things like a microwave, a refrigerator, a toaster, a computer desk, food, utilities, etc. This is my job. I'm an unmedicated epileptic, I can not adhere to a steady workschedule. I'm going to be streaming 15+ hours a day to entertain you lunatics - and 100% of my income is from tips. If you feel I deserve it, please show me some love via paypal. My father and I are in quite the bind here, not to mention my entire house loathes me. I can't get a glass of water without my cousin punching me in the face. I'm still selling rating boosts, and if you really want me to, lessons. I'm going to go out of my way to not be in Skype with people in the future so I can focus on talking/discussing/explaining.


Anonymous said...

Sell your dad's pain meds.
Problem solved.

Unknown said...

how much are rating boosts

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