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Calling all artists! Also ideas, so many ideas.

tl;dr - this is an unorganized rambling rant. draw me a logo. marathon soon, need bumpers. $5 raffle is active for now and forever. autographed mouse pads. need to branch out with more games. my father and i are eternally grateful. 

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 Hey guys,

Just went offline about 20 minutes ago. Last night (20~ hours ago from now) I laid awake in bed and thought about a lot of shit I could do to help promote/advertise/encourage donations. Most of it is rambled, jumbled thoughts with no rhyme or reason attached to it. So I'll try and just jot down everything that came to mind.

This is basically my job. I put in more hours streaming than anyone I know who works. I know it's not a big boy job, but I'm doing the best I can with my mediocre circumstances. So, this being my only source of income and my only source of time spent, I'd like to make it a better experience for everyone. More fun for return viewers, more fun for me, more fun for fresh eyes.

First I thought about merchandising. Just having a shitty little 'Store' tab where instead of donating $15, you could buy a T-Shirt for $15.

Just something simple. Buy a plain white Tee, then do something fancy to it that's Thorrbo related.

Then I glanced over at my A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series of books.  And the thought struck me - I knew what the Tee-Shirts needed on them.

House Thorrbo needs a sigil(logo).

Something simple. Preferably something I can easily stencil/sketch. Something recognizable, Thorrbo related or video game related, or original, I don't give a fuck. If you come up with something I like, I'll use it, and I'll think of something to make it worth your time, of course.

I'll also use this same sigil as the OP for my threads, and I'll ask everyone who makes/maintains threads for me to use the image as the OP as well. Threads will eventually become more recognizable, and in the end, our goal is draw in more fresh eyes, more people for irc, more people to entertain, have our community (albeit a small fucking community) grow a little bit more every day.

Then I realized that the smart thing to do to support me would be to just buy an asinine amount of T-Shirts instead of just plain donating. Then the cost of buying Tee-Shirts, time spent mocking them up and shipping, and shipping costs would just lose me revenue overall, and I'm supposed to be helping my dad here, so why lose revenue?

But the sigil thing stuck. I still want a logo.

So I figured, well shit, if the store thing is a shot-down idea (if someone can justify it, I'll do it still, I justthink it's a wrong turn) then what else can I do to entice further donations and generosities?

I got it. Raffles.

For every $5 donated this week (and all weeks to come) you get one entry in the raffle. So if you donate $10, two entries. Donate $35, seven entries. Donate $5, one entry. But even if you only have one entry, you still have a chance to win.

Depending on the number of entires/names, I might even do multiple prizes.

Speaking of prizes, I have absolutely zero idea what I'll be giving away or what the prize is. Maybe RP cards, but probably not. Something physical. A memento of sorts. Autographed mouse pads come to mind. But obviously if the winner of the raffle decides he doesn't want what I have to offer, (s)he can just give me an alternative thing to ship, and so it shall be done.

I want to do a marathon again. Soon. Like in a week. I need thread makers/maintainers. People using auto-bumpers, etc. A few of you have done this for me recently and it's done wonders to bring in fresh eyes. Thank you. I'd like to have this running 24 hours. Maybe even multiple threads, though that might be seen as too much spam for moot to really let slide.

So if you have any cool/interesting ideas for things to offer as prizes, ways to promote the site, or anything of the sort, please - contact me. My email is My Skype is just "Thorrbo." I add pretty much anyone and everyone. Talk to me. We'll work things out, has things over, and maybe your idea will help out my father, myself and Alyx to live more comfortably.

I can not express enough how fucking amazing you all are for helping me out as much as you have. Seriously.

I also want more variety for my stream. I'm happy I branched away from League, it really is fun as -fuck- to play through A Link to the Past, even if I have no idea what I'm doing and I embarrass myself.

I can stream stupid shit like Magic: The Gathering. Reading a fucking book. Movie nights, shit like that. I'm open to any and all ideas really. Speak your mind.

I guess that's all for now. Thanks if you read up until here!


Odin said...

I've got the art/sigil part handled, and the advertising part handled.

Reading a book? Other games? Movie nights? Those sound like GREAT ideas to bring in new people. Just watch out with "movie nights", I'm not sure how kindly they take to people streaming movies. On other sites, there have been people who got their channels shut down because of it.

The raffle idea is great, it's nice to have SOME incentive to donate.

-Aeris/The Great and Powerful Trixie/Incendia/Odin/Q/Nyx

we said...

Read books. I like books.

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