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6/27/12 Marathon thread link! Bump/upvote! Marathon starts Saturday 9 am, ends Sunday!
$5 Raffle Ticket List

Sultan - 20
Saffuran - 7
Unflitered - 5
Nick Ratzlaff - 4
Opinii - 4
Everett - 3
Mitchel Parker - 2
Gamenerd - 1
No one - 0
Jack - 0
Shit - 0

Hey guys!

Doing another marathon this weekend. Gonna set our goal at $500 again, like last time. We came up short last time ($450) so I'm hoping we can reach our goal this time around.

Again, I'll probably play mostly League of Legends. I have a set up for Master Quest as well, but my xsplit derps a lot. Maybe some FF7 if I can get it set up, and I can pretty handily download whatever ROM for SNES and similar things, so that's not really an issue.

Still collecting donations for the raffle! It ends at the end of my marathon where winner(s) will get prize(s). Things along the lines of autographed mousepads and such. Fun stuff, really!

I'm going to be building up to this marathon, I'm quite excited to be honest.

Well, keep that shit upvoted and bumped guys. Exposure matters.


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