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my computer is dead

hi, thorrbo here

my computer is dead.

im not very tech savvy.

there was a storm then it wouldnt turn on. oh ok i guess the power supply must have fried.

so nimrod drives down and we buy a new power supply, hook shit up, turn it on.


we try the power supply that powers my old rig instead.


oh shit it must be the motherboard.

return power supply to best buy because i need the money

get current mobo and cpu tested

get told that they're fried and unresponsive.

buy a new mobo and cpu.

go home.

try them with original power supply


try them with the power supply im typing from right now.


new mobo, new cpu, working 600wat power supply and it wont turn on.

couldnt check RAM because it wont fit old rig.

sorry for the inconvenience.


Odbarc said...

How's the marathon going?

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