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Why do I do what I do?

Hey guys,

tl;dr: dad sick, need money for meds and food.

A lot of people have been asking me why I don't have my whole spiel about donations and my father in text/writing. When I first proposed that idea to stream, I had a few people tell me I'd come off as a whining beggar faggot. I've since been convinced otherwise, so I'm going to explain (in detail) why I ask for donations while I stream for you.

My father has been on long-term disability now for seven years or so. While working in for a glass company, he bent down to pick up an 1/8 inch piece of glass and ruptured two discs in his lower back. He's been on disability since, and he receives $1,400/mth from the government as part of his LTD deal or whatever, since he can hardly walk and can't do heavy labor and such.

Two~ years ago, my father discovered he had cancer as well, in his leg.They operated to remove and he was left with a gaping surgical wound. Doctors irradiated his leg as part of standard treatment on his open wound - which, unless I misunderstand, other doctors told them not to do. This is the most likely cause of the staph infection he has, but it's nearly impossible to prove where you get staph infections.

Which brings us to our main problem: my father has a flesh-rotting staph infection thats eating away at his entire body. His hands are scabbed, bloody, pus-covered messes. I need to change his bandages at least twice a day, and he needs to wear gloves to do anything (pet our cat, drink out of a glass).

For pain, he's been prescribed morphine. His "pill plan" doesn't kick in until the end of October, so until then, the morphine alone is running us $400.

We have $200 to work with.

So, after buying the morphine, we have negative $200. With that money we have to buy his other medications (Gabapentin, cream, etc) his hospital visits, his pain specialist visits, his dermatologist visits, his physical therapist visits, and his other medical supplies. As well as feed ourselves.

 To put it simply, we can not afford that, especially with negative two hundred dollars.

I'm epileptic. I have 7-8 seizures a month, about two a week. They leave me dazed, weary, stupid, and almost unable to walk or function properly. So if I have a seizure Sunday night, I can't work Monday morning. Combined witgh it being illegal for me to drive until I go a year without a seizure, this makes money a problem.

My only source of income is donations from this website. No ads, no site revenue, etc. Practically 100% of the proceeds go to my father's medical bills or feeding us. Now, in addition to the warm, fuzzy feeling you get for helping us out, I have three incentives in place to help encourage your generosities.

The first applies to everyone: raffle tickets. For every $5 you donate, you get a raffle ticket. At the end of the month I'm gonna give away an autographed mousepad to the winner of said raffle. It's nothing huge, but I'm trying to give a little bit back to you guys. Plus everyone loves chances to win stuff.

The second applies to one person a month: the highest donor. The higher donor at the end of the month is gonna get a fuckin' trophy mailed to them. Real and literal, it'll say you were the highest donor for the month of July and how fucking awesome you are. Currently the lead for July is Camel of Doo with $100.

The third applies to what seems like most of you: liquor. I don't drink very much and I've only been drunk once. Most nights I'll do shots for every $xx donated to my father and I. A lot of you enjoy seeing me drink and play video games, so there it is.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything at all, please bring it up in IRC.

tl;dr: dad sick, need money for meds and food.


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