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Oh hi.

before I get started I want to go on record saying I'm due for a seizure tonight and I make no promises as to whether or not I explain my situation and thought process in a coherent fashion.

All right, my rig should be up and running tomorrow night. Friday night. If I'm lucky, and I'm banking on me being lucky. I put a poll up, but it seems like most of you want me to stream for a few hours, then get some sleep for the marathon this weekend, instead of just calling it off.

I miss all of you. I feel like I've done nothing but sit back and waste my time where I could have been making myself useful and entertaining all of you. So again, my apologies. Once money lets me I'm going to be taking every caution in protecting my rig from future disaster.

I've been hit with a lot of setbacks in this last week, not to mention the fact that it's been ridiculously boring for me. I've spent most of my hours in bed on facebook chat, seriously.

My dad's slapped some unsettling truths on me recently too. I'm going to use this blog to briefly go over them.If you come here just for my humor and video game content, and aren't interested, feel free to stop reading here.

Most of you know that I'm (Dave) living with my father (David) and his sister's (Linda) family - their brother Kevin, her husband Dave (Furter), her daughters Kristin and Meagan. My mother and I are on uneasy terms because she's made some terrible decisions in her life recently and we're working through that.

My mother is having her boyfriend literally build us a house to stay in. They'll own it, we'll pay rent, and everyone wins. The main reason we can't be in an apartment now is because we can't afford the down payment. And if we leave they lose the house we're currently in because they can't afford the bankruptcy/mortgage.

But our end goal is this house. My mother has been 'borrowing' money from my father and I (an absurd amount, but it's for my father and mine and Alyx's future...) to finish the house in time for us, because eventually the Furters will lose this house anyway. Which brings us to my next point.

My father accidentally opened up mail the other day he thought was for himself, but was for his sister. It was an eviction notice or something of the sort saying that we have 60-90 days to leave the premises. obviously this is troubling. his sister blew it off as if the lawyers got something wrong and we were good, no problems at all, but I remain unconvinced.

I don't really have a plan of action other than banking on my mother to finish building this house so we can get out. My computer set me back $700 this week just so I could get back and up and streaming for you guys, and I haven't exactly been making a killing since I've been offline.

My father estimates my mother is going to ask for $4,000~ from us to ensure the house is finished by Christmas. I simply don't have that kind of money, and there's no way I'm going to make that money from this site, so she's shit out of luck on that end.

That's $4,000 plus what we're paying here + medical expenses for my dad which is my main concern + getting Alyx here.because I love here and I miss her and she belongs here instead of that insane asylum she's living in right now, damn it.

In summary, here is where every single cent I earn through this website goes, in order of most urgent to future concerns.

1. My father's medical expenses. His medication, his medical supplies, his doctor visits.
2. My mother, building my future and more-than-likely permanent home and feeding my father. Buying him his juice and yogurt and milk of magnesia and shit, you know.
3. Feeding myself.
4. Getting Alyx here. She has an iguana so we have to drive from CA to Philly instead of fly, it's quite expensive.
5. Hookers and blow.

I don't know where I'm going with this, honestly. Everyone in my life needs money from me. My dad lives in near-constant pain and I think he's more depressed than I am. My mother must be under the impression I'm pulling six figures a year with what she asks of me. Alyx has no other way out of her house unless I somehow come up with the grand~ to get her here. Food is an issue.

I guess I'm gonna need to stream my ass off to make up for the last week and meet everyone's expectations.

I hope you all enjoy. :D


Ryangent said...

ive donated in the past, and i really hope to donate some more in the future. im starting to try to get a job, and if i have a regular source of income, ill start making sure i can at least help you a little bit on a regular basis. i do hope your troubles improve a little in the near future, and im happy to see your going to be streaming a bit again.

besides, as far as money i have goes, i dont need it. i consider the money ive donated to you in the past month just about the only money ive spent that i have wasted, i hope to see good fortune for you soon instead of me

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