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Marathon! Upvote Reddit!

Marathon today!

UPVOTE THIS SHIT. SERIOUSLY. Make a reddit account, it takes 20 seconds, no email confirmation, and help me out here. 1.8 million people go to r/gaming, and we can get this rolling there.

Doing my best to raise funds for my father and I. My dad has a flesh-rotting staph infection that's affecting pretty much all of him. money is ridiculously tight and, because of my epilepsy, I'm struggling to make any amount of income whatsoever.

I had a seizure this morning, a small one, and I'm going to be playing League of Legends (maybe FF7) for 24 fucking hours on 3-4 hours of sleep. It's gonna be great!

New raffle month for the month of August. Last month's winner was Ashe_100, and he'll be getting a sicknasty trophy to commemorate his abundant generosity!

Honestly I'm not thinking very clearly right now, I'm still weary from my episode this morning.


MustangPunk said...

Dude I am disabled too. Wish I could send money. But I am def sending prayers and will post this on my FB and Twit accounts. GL

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