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Why I do What I do Part Two!

I get asked a lot by fresh eyes why I ask for donations!

I used to do a verbal spiel every hour or so but I think it'll be a lot easier to explain my situation here.

My dad is sick and I'm worried about him. He has a flesh-rotting staph infection thats fucking with most of his body. It's more under control now than it was a few months ago, but he still can't sit for more than 20 minutes or so at a time, his hands are constantly in pain and itching and sore and covered in blisters and pus, the flesh around his original wound is still oozing, black, rotten, and dead.

My dad is on Long-term disability from when he ruptured two discs in his lower back 7 years ago. he gets $1,400/mth from the government. Of this $1,400, $1,200 needs to go to my aunt to pay for their bankruptcy and help pay the mortgage, or they lose the house. We also need to give them an extra $100 this month to help pay the electric, my air conditioner evidently jumped the price up $150. SO THAT'S FUCKIN GREAT.

Moving on, we're struggling here. We don't really have money to cover his medical expenses or feed ourselves. His pain medication alone is $400/mth until his pill plan kicks in, which is the end of October.

My aunt is going to lose this house anyway in 3-4 months. My only failsafe to have a place to live is putting faith in my mother. Her and her boyfriend are building a house for us to live in. My mother tells me that if I don't help out SIGNIFICANTLY FINANCIALLY that she will not have the house completed by December. We're talking thousands of dollars and there's simply no way I can afford that, but I need to help how I can.

I also just spent $850~ on a new computer that is being build, because my old rig completely fried in a storm. What I'm using to stream now is a borrowed rig and is not mine.

I'm epileptic, so I'm making the best out of a mediocre situation since I have no real source of income.  All I ask is that if you enjoy your time with me, and would like to help me out, to show me some love via paypal. I have three incentives to help entice you in your generous endeavors.

1) GIVEAWAYS! For every $5, you get a raffle ticket. At the end of every month, I'm going to be giving shit away. Autographed mousepads, gamepads, collector edition's Zelda books, shit like that. Nimrod gave me a bunch of shit to give away this way, so by helping me, I help you!

2) TROPHIES! The highest donor at the end of the month is going to get a physical, literal trophy mailed to their hosue, saying how fucking awesome they are and that they were the highest donor for the month of X. July was Ashe_100!

3) DRINKING! Evidently you guys like me drinking, so every night for $x I will take a shot, provided I'm not going to put my health at risk. This is usually what most people donate for anyway.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I'll try and clarify anything and everything.


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