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Marathon today! New blog post!

I have two reddit threads going! r/gaming and r/leagueoflegends, I'm trying to maximise exposure for today. Please help out by upvoting/commenting/doing whatever!

Today's agenda: 24 hours of video games with the goal of raising money for my father, my future home, and getting my lovely girlfriend (and the coder of this site) here. League of Legends thread! Needs upvotes/comments!

At 10 am EST I'll be streaming for another solid 24 hours. During these 24 hours you can expect League of Legends Normal draft, Ranked draft, and ARAM with viewers! Maybe an ADAM or two (All Draft, All Mid).

I will also be playing a three heart run The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - but the emulater has crashed on me a few times, and I'm playing it on an xbox controller so it's not nearly as smooth as it could be. But hey, everyone loves Zelda!

Later on in the night, if there's interest, I also have the entirety of Pokemon Season One downloaded, so we can nostalgia out and watch the FUCK out of that.

The most successful marathon I've ever had raised $660 of our $500 goal. Our last marathon raised $325 of our $500 goal. My goal for today will be to raise $600, but I'm gonna need your help to reach that. Obviously.

For those of you who are new here, or who aren't well-versed in why I stream my ass off, I'll fill you in as best I can.
I never know where to put this in my spiel, so I'll open up with it. I'm epileptic, and I'm uninsured because my mother fucked things up. I AM NOT LIGHT SENSITIVE. I have 7-8 seizures a month,  and because of this and the fact that it's illegal for epileptics to drive, I can not work a steady schedule for a job. This is my only source of income.

My father is sick. He was put on long-term disability when he ruptured two discs in his lower back 7 years ago, or 6, or 8. I don't really remember but it was a while ago, okay?

A few years ago, there was a nasty bit of cancer found in his leg. They operated to remove (most) of it, and it was successful, but it left a gaping wound in my father's leg post-op.

As part of his cancer treatment, they irradiated his leg but did it (as far as I understand it ) far too early for his wound. This resulted in him getting a flesh-rotting staph infection. Doctors were perplexed and this got a lot worse overtime.

I took this picture myself from the hospital, after it was cleaned.

That was when it was at its worse. It was spreading throughout his body, his hands were scabby and covered with pus, he had to wear gloves to eat, drink, and pet the damn cat.

Things are looking much, much better now. My dad took this about a week ago.

His leg is looking better but his medications and treatments are staying the same. Because of my dad's disability, he gets $1,400/mth from the government. Of this $1,400, $1,200 goes to my aunt to help pay for the mortgage/bankruptcy on this house, so that they don't lose it (as fast as they normally would) and we're not all homeless.

That leaves us with $200/mth to feed ourselves and pay for his medications. His pain medication alone, Morphine, is $400/mth. That leaves us with -$200 for food, his 3 other sets of pills, his pain specialist visits, his dermatologists visits, his physical therapist visits, etc. Negative $200 simply will not cover that.

So I'm trying to make the best of a mediocre situation and entertain people for the money my father and I need to live a comfortable life.

In a few months, despite our best efforts, and I'm still cloudy on the details, my aunt is going to lose this house. Because of that, and the fact that she refuses to let alyx live here, my father and I are moving. My mother and here boyfriend were already planning on building a house and renting it out for money, or selling it, etc. It's been decided that my father and I will move into this house instead.

In order for my mother and her boyfriend to finish this house on time for us, she literally needs thousands of dollars because they underpriced it and underestimated how much it would cost. Money raised will also be going to the construction of my new house for my father, Alyx and I to live in.

Money raised will also go to FURNISHING that house. When we move in there will be nothing. No furniture, fridge, microwave, toaster, anything.

Money raised will also go to actually getting my girlfriend here. I live just outside of Philadelphia, in New jersey. Alyx lives in CA. That's a bit of a walk. She has an iguana who she loves like a daughter, they are inseparable. Iguanas are not allowed on public airlines are carry-ons, so the most viable solution is to drive her here, which will run me about $1000 in gas. Depends on the car, really. not to mention actually finding someone who's willing to do it.

So, in summary, here is why I stream for 5-10 hours every day.  Here is why I'm doing my marathon. here is why I need your help.

  1. Food
  2. Dad's medical costs
  3. Mother's "build-me-a-house-so-I-won't-be-homeless" fund
  4. Furnishing said built house
  5. Getting my girlfriend here, where she belongs.

I'm worried about my father's health. I'm worried about my living situation in the months to come. I'm worried about getting alyx here.

All I want to do is live a comfortable, simple life. I'm doing everything I reasonably can to make that a reality, and I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you.


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