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Marathon day!

The General forums are THE ONLY PLACE I'm advertising this. If you want to help, please upvote and bump the thread every few minutes to keep it on the front page!

I heard through Quex that I can NOT advertise on Reddit again, as asking for donations breaks the rules. Mods have not personally contacted me though. I'm going to be cautious, however.

Is this your first time here? Don't forget to like me on facebook! It's my main form of communicating with all of you.

From 7 AM PST/10 AM EST I'm gonna be streaming for 24-hours for my father and I. I'll take shots and sing songs for donations, I'll commentate all of my games, I'll run viewer/community ARAMs and I'll do it all for 24-hours nonstop. Basically just another average day on the stream... an ENTIRE day.

This marathon is gonna be my fifth, and my hardest, I think. I didn't sleep very wlel last night, my schedule was all whacked up. GOnna be doing this on only 4~ hours of sleep.

If you have any questions, please ask!


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