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The Christmas Spirit

If you're new here and read through all of this, it'll answer most of your questions. Thank you!

It's 8 am, and since my last post was on Halloween, I figured I'd take another stab at something for everyone to read. I'm gonna try and update this at least every other week or so, but I think the best way for people to understand why I ask for donations is to have it up on the main blog - the average new viewer isn't going to be looking for a FAQ or a "Why should I donate?" page off the bat, you know?

I'm not a very big fan of the holidays, I haven't been for quite some time. I can honestly say that, for the first time in a decade or so, I'm something pretty close to happy, even if we are behind this month financially. You guys are here, every night. A lot of you guys have stuck with me, through thick and thin. All of the unfortunate lag (GOD DAMN IT COMCAST) and mishaps, the death-sprees and WaWa trips. I absolutely love the community we have and I look forward to seeing us grow little by little. Thank you, all of you - even you trolls.

About the stream:

I try to stream 10-15 hours a day. I do not take days off. If I'm not live, I just woke up, I'm about to go to bed, or I'm lagging too bad because of my ISP issues to deliver a quality stream.

Since I can only really advertise for League of Legends, and it has an endless replay value, that's what I tend to play. I've also been known to play Zeldas, Final Fantasies, Pokemon and a slew of other games (I've beaten Bastion, Dishonored, and Limbo recently, for example).

About my epilepsy:

I have a handful of seizures a month that leave me bed-ridden and dazed.

I am not light sensitive, my seizures are mostly stress-induced.

Most people grow out of epilepsy, I'm hoping for that to happen.

About my father:

My dad gets $1,400 a month from the government for his long-term disability (ruptured discs in his back).

My dad has a flesh-rotting staph infection that he (we're pretty sure) got from early-radiation on his opening wound after his cancerous tumor was removed from his leg.

He's on anti-biotics and pain medication and blood pressure medication and a slew of other things.

He's medicaid or medicare or whatever, honestly I don't know, cuts down on the prices a bit but there's still a large burden on us.

His pain medication is $400 alone, not including everything else he's on.

He's a great man. He got me into video games, Final Fantasies, Zeldas, EverQuest I and World of Warcraft. He's the original Thorrbo - a combination of Thor and Rambo.

I've spent my entire life leeching off of my father, I'm trying to do everything I can now to help him (us) live a more comfortable life.

About donations:

My main goal here is to make sure my dad has his medicine to stay comfortable and get better, to keep us fed, and to make sure we have a roof over our heads.

Every cent I raise here goes to food, medication and housing. More on housing below.

To further entice donations, I offer two things! For $10 I can take a shot of liquor and toast you or I can (terribly) sing you (and everyone else) a Disney song of your choice.

For those who say I waste money on liquor, and I do get one or two a week, I spend $37 on a bottle of Whiskey that holds more than forty shots, and it pays for itself in four shots. I have a good amount of people who ONLY donate for me to drink. Evidently I get hilarious or something.

If you would like me to do something else for a donation, just ask!

About housing:

Right now I live with my father (David) in his sister's (Linda) house. Their brother (Kevin), her husband (Dave), and their two daughters (Megan and Kristin) also live here. My uncle (Kevin) lives in the attic and hardly leaves, my father lives in the basement and hardly leaves. My cat resides with my father and is not permitted out of the basement.

My aunt is struggling to keep this house. Due to some poor financial decisions, they can't afford it on their own. My father has offered to help and is paying their bankruptcy ($900 I think?) in full, as well as their part of their mortgage and helping Linda buy us all groceries, $100 toward electric, some money towards cable, etc.

As far as I know, even with the bankruptcy being paid, the house is going to be lost either way and my father and I need to ensure we have a roof over our heads when that happens.

We don't have enough money to afford his medication let alone have an escape plan for when shit hits the fan here.

My mother and her boyfriend bought a fix-it-up house and decided to rebuild the house and rent it out for profit.

It was decided that we would just simply rent it from them, and in a few years (once they build/rent out more houses) we'd simply live there for free.

They grossly underestimated how much it would cost to rebuild that house, so once food and medication are covered, I am also helping my mother finish their first rent-out house or whatever you want to call it.

I'm essentially helping build my own place to live.

At the time of this writing, the house is slated to be finished by the end of February.

I'm doing everything I can to help my family. All of your support is appreciated and I am incredibly grateful. I can not thank you enough.


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