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My father thought it would be a good idea to upload a video.

All right, guys. A lot of new people coming to this page are here under the impression that I've lied to you and that I'm a lying, worthless scumbag. I spent yesterday's marathon with an IRC absolutely infested with ban-evading trolls. It was easily one of the most miserable experiences I've ever had.

You've been misled.

Every claim against me is biased, twisted and circumstantial. I know how easy it is to jump on a bandwagon of hate, but please, I ask you to form your own judgements.

There are a lot of people claiming my father isn't even sick, a few even saying he's not even alive any longer, despite him showing up on stream three times yesterday.

I get asked a lot what type of cancer my dad had/has. I personally never knew. I only knew that it was necrotic. I went through his old documents when I woke up. It was/is Leiomyosarcoma.

For those of you who want a tl;dr, "Leiomyosarcoma is a relatively rare form of cancer, and accounts for between 5–10% of soft tissue sarcomas, which are in themselves relatively rare.[1] Leiomyosarcomas can be very unpredictable. They can remain dormant for long periods of time and recur after years. It is a resistant cancer, meaning generally not very responsive to chemotherapy or radiation. The best outcomes occur when it can be removed surgically with wide margins early, while small and still in situ.[2]"

I want to thank everyone who's been with me for so long enjoying the stream. To all of the people who stop in once or twice a month, say hi and leave, and to all the people who are here with me every night, through thick and thin, 4 viewers or 28 viewers. Every single bit of this community of mine is amazing.

I took some pictures of his documents and another picture of his healing leg. His medication has not changed and most of the damage is internal.

I'm sorry for not having this more documented before today.

Hopefully this will help assuage any doubts or misgivings you've had.


Unknown said...

Good Job David.

fvfsd said...

I find it interesting that those old documents actually look pretty new.

Unknown said...

It's horrible how everyone is hating you because you're apparently 'lying' about your dads cancer to get money. Aren't you already stressed out enough considering your situation? Well anyway, I think you should just keep streaming and do whatever you want. I've watched alot of your streams and I think they're great. So keep going thorrbo.

faok said...

" am by no means condemning the guy outright or supporting him. I choose simply not to watch his stream or donate as the entire story sounds much more fictional then real.

I do however work in the medical field. I am not a doctor but I do work in the pharmaceutical side of things. I actually come into contact with a lot of people daily with a variety of conditions. Including epilepsy.

The thing about epilepsy is, it is misdiagnosed commonly for "stress-induced seizures". The actual term is psychogenic non-epileptic seizures or PNES. Which I have done research on for my continuing education along with some other disorders.

^There actually was a study released showing 1/3 of patients admitted to their Epilepsy Monitoring Ward were not actually even Epileptic. Stress induced seizures normally mean that it is NOT epilepsy.

Side note - Typically and in almost all situations. Seizures can not be predicted. They are spontaneous. Although service dogs have been known to be able to sense them but not hours before.

In a new study, a team of neuropsychologists and neurologists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine suggest that people with PNES don’t necessarily experience more frequent or severe stressful events than people with epilepsy or neurologically healthy people. However, they seem to lack effective coping mechanisms necessary to deal with those stresses and feel more distressed by them.

“These patients behave as if they have an organic brain disease, but they don’t,” says Jason Brandt, Ph.D., the study’s senior investigator and a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “And it turns out that their life stresses weren’t all that high, but they’re very sensitive to stress and they don’t deal with it well.” <Courtesy of John Hopkins University.

Also working in the Pharmaceutical field. I know quite a bit about the intricacy of billing medications. DSHS (State Medicaid) and Medicare Parts A,B and D.

If his father is disabled and unfit for work. He would be accepted for SS, Medicare A,B and D and state Medicaid. Medicaid typically in almost all states covers 100% of your costs or it is split with Medicare for medical expenses. As far as the morphine that costs "400.00" That is an excessive price and with Medicare Part D would most likely cost no more than 3.50. Which is usually on the higher side of a copay for Medicare Part D. If he has Medicaid (DSHS) only. Then it is almost always fully covered. Morphine is one of the cheaper pain medications as it has been on the market for a multitude of years and is preferred on a lot of Medicaid Formularies.

Just my 2 cents. I feel it is fairly objective. Take it with a grain of salt as all things in life should be." - Harrowed Wrath

he said it all.

Unknown said...

I'm sure you dad really is sick and I'm sure your intentions are good across the board.

However, I really think you have a gaming addiction and this is a reason justifying you sitting in front of the screen all day doing nothing but still earning a very small amount of money.

If you really want to make a huge, substantial impact with helping pay for your father's post medical condition, I think it would be awesome if you moved into a nearby city and worked there. You'd get a lot more money for the amount of time you'd be working versus doing what you're doing now.

I'm SURE you're not lying, but I just want to see your efforts not go to waste. I really want to see you improve your situation and help your dad.

evansmom said...

I don't find it strange that his documents look newer. What do u expect them to be written on papyrus? We've had computers for a long long time and most people put important papers away for safe keeping in say, a filing cabinet. Not much happens to them there.

My ex has lupus and rheumatory arthirtis at the age of 24 (now 30). took us 3 years to get SSI and because of age he only got medi-cal not medi-care for the first 2 yrs (after finally winning our case). So he still had to pay for medications that cost alot of money. I work in Social work and alot of people I meet don't have SSI or have been fighting to get it for years. It's not as well known as people think and not unheard of at all for people who are truly disabled to not be on it.

As for my ex he gets $850/month and has to live with his mom because that is not nearly enough to have his own place and all associated bills. It's not like SSI is this amazing source of free money that would solve everything.

Obviously he should apply and fight for it till he gets it (which will likely take years) or maybe he already did and is in the process, how would YOU know? Anyway at the end of the day I find that no one is forced to view or donate so if you disagree just move on theres no need to wish someone death and all kinds of other horrible stuff because you personally don't agree with them. People would never do that face to face with someone but hey the internet makes it easy..

Cfresh said...

I've known Thorrbo (online) now for nineish(?) years. He's been streaming for... one? If that? If it's a lie, that would have been a crazy planning period.

Keep fighting the good fight, Thorrbo.

Unknown said...
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cpt.soup said...

I'm sorry to hear about your father. I wish you the best of luck!

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