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Thorrbo's $5 1v1 Tournament! And seizure rambles

Hey guys, it's 6:38 am and i seized a bit ago but im thinking fine, just can't sleep. And since i can't sleep i figure i might as well get this tournament shit on the road. oh god i have no idea what font sizes will look good. so without further ado:  If anyone wants to make this into come kind of fancy looking infographic image thing, go for it. You'll be credited!

The $5 1v1 tournament event information! 

Let me preface this by saying this is to have fun, bring everyone together, and bring in a bit of donations and stream awareness/popularity. If this is successful, expect these every month.

Tournament date - June 15-16 (Will be expanded if 32+)

Sign-ups! Available now until June 8th, brackets will be set up right after depending on how many people. You sign up by donating $5, if for some reason you want to make sure I actually get a full $5, make it $5.48. Here's the important part, though - MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR SUMMONER NAME IN THE NOTES. SERIOUSLY

If, say, 18 people sign up and no one drops out, people 17/18 will get a refund if they want it. This trend holds true for 32+, etc. I just need 16/32/64 people, any less means brackets are weird and I don't wanna deal with that shit. I guess I can give like plat+ players byes or something I don't know.


What's that? You want some prizes? FINE. I can at least offer the first place winner a $20 RP card, hopefully I'll be able to offer more. Depending on how many people sign up, things will change. Nothing is written in stone. If anyone wants to be kind enough to donate RP codes or anything of the like, I'll be able to offer more prizes to lower placers, etc. 


I figure the best way to go about this, since everyone has different schedules, is to give the first round a five-hour~ period. In those five hours, I'll spectate and shoutcast as many games as I can, I think that'll be fun. You'll know the brackets a week beforehand so you can get in touch with your opponent and set up a time. 

Worst case scenario, you both can't mesh on that day, and you do your game early, whenever you can. Not too big of a deal! Depending on how many people we have, how fast it gets done, and how smoothly the transition goes, we can get the second round in that day as well. These are variables I can not forsee.

The Rules of Engagement!

First of all, if you win, screenshot that shit. Seriously. Hopefully you'll all be true to your word and be honest about who won, but in case we have some rotten eggs in our midst, this will definitely make it easier on me if any conflict arises. If someone is (somehow) cheating, screenshot that shit, too. I don't know how anyone would possibly cheat but whatever.

Round one games will be Blind 1v1 Custom Games on Summoner's Rift. All summoner spells, champions, and items are allowed. We'll use three bans for each player for the semi-finals and finals, but for earlier rounds and simplicity's sake there will be no bans. 

I think the all-star event did it right, so there will be three win conditions!

1) First blood! You get first blood and kill your opponent. Nice.
2) First tower! Less likely, but still viable. You outpush your opponent and take their tower and you win!
3) First to 100 cs! The closer someone gets to 100 cs, the more desperate the other person gets, so this is the least likely imo, but still a win condition!

All you need to do is get one of these and you win. Snag a screenshot just in case, but I'll update your bracket (manually) as soon as you tell me the victor!

 If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas for me to improve on this, please let me know asap. I am very fucking excited to do this, I've always toyed around with the idea, now all that's left is to see how many people are interested! holy shit it's 7:33 why did this take me an hour to write.


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