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I said I'd post the tournament rules in a new blog! Remember, this is for fun!

Hey guys. I am so excited for today. First of all, here are the brackets!

If this tournament goes well I'm going to try and get the next one Riot-sponsored, so I'll have more RP to give out and the winner will receive the elusive Triumphant Ryze skin! You can't buy that!

You all have too many crazy schedules for me to set a hard time to start and finish. I'm going to go live as soon as I wake up and we're going to go top to bottom as soon as both people are ready to go.

So here we are.


Map: Summoner's Rift
Lane: Middle - No jungle allowed! You can't kill jungle creeps!
Evidently this wasn't clear to some people. There are no backing restrictions, b as much as you want.
You can use every champion!
You can use every summoner spell!
The first person to do either of the following wins -
A) First blood!
B) First tower!
C) 100 cs!


Best of 3, single elimination!
Blind pick with manual bans! This means you type to each other (or me) the champions you're banning one by one, then make a custom game and go 1v1 blind pick.

uh i think that covers everything. if it doesn't just tell me and i can edit this when i'm live np.


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