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jesus christ it's 10:30 that marathon destroyed my sleeping schedule

I already know this is way too fucking wordy. I'm sorry!

This weekend I streamed for 44.5 hours straight. ISP issues cut me out for minutes at a time, but I was always here, and the vast majority of you stuck it out while I was offline and waited for me to come back and pick up.

I cant tell you all how happy I am that this was a success. I had a fucking blast, and I spent a solid two days with you guys playing and beating one of my favorite games in one sitting with one of the most disliked characters.

Not gonna lie, by the end of the game I really liked Cait Sith. His dice roll hitting for 2400~ off the bat was pretty sick, slots never fucked me in the ass once, and his magic damage output was ridiculous.

So I'm trying to think of games i can play, other than League of Legends, to spark interest and such. The FF7 Marathon was a success for more than a few reasons, I'm pretty sure.

1) Nostalgia. FF7 is an immensely popular game. Of course there are a few people who dislike it, or prefer other games, or prefer other numbers in the series, but there's no denying that most people enjoy the game.

2) It was a pseudo 'challenge'. My goal was to beat it in one solid stream, one sitting, without sleeping. I couldn't do one solid stream because of my ISP issues, but I never left my computer and I streamed the whole damn thing. People like marathons.

3) I kinda knew what I was doing. It was a lot easier to interact with you guys, joke around, and voiceact 90% of the game since I knew what was going on and how to play. Games I know are gonna be easier for me to do that with. I'm not saying new games (Chrono Trigger) will be impossible, but it'll be a lot more smooth with games I've beaten.

I want to do more marathons. I can always marathon League but I'll garner more interest from you guys if I do different things, and my goal is to entertain you all, as many of you as I can, not just sit my ass bot and roll on kids for days.

So I'm open to suggestions on multiple fronts and I want to hear everyone's opinion on everything. I want you to take a small step in helping me make this site bigger and better. I need input and I need your help.

First of all, if I'm going to do events regularly, I need to know how regularly. I've talked to a handful of people, and everyone's opinion seems half and half. I could do these marathon events once a month, every two weeks, or every week. Some people are all-for once a week (provided my body can handle it) and others think it'd be too stressful on me and it might get old fast with you guys, even if I can somehow keep the games fresh.

So I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on how often they think I should do one-sitting and 24-hour marathons.

Once that's sorted, I need a list of games I'm going to play the fuck out of. We can talk longer games that will take up the entire stream, or a mishmash of sortish games to play until I beat them all or until I pass out. A few have been on my mind, but this is for you guys, so tell me what you wanna see!

Here's what's crossed my mind.

Kingdom Hearts 1&2 - Easy enough, I think I could one-sitting both games on Expert/Proud provided there's enough interest. KH1 on Expert is a fucking BITCH and KH2 starts out slow. Only problem is a few long-time watchers dont wanna watch KH again. For obvious reasons.

Zelda Franchise - A lot of fucking options. I could just mix and matxh for 24 hours, create a rough one-sit challenge, or go chronologically or something. Nothing's in stone.

Chrono Trigger - I've never played it, and I have no idea how long it runs, but if I can 24-hour it, I'm sure a few of you will be happy.

Final Fantasy VI - Same as Chrono Trigger, but I've played maybe 4~ hours into it. I've had the ending spoiled for me but it's still pathetic that I've never beaten this game. Esper system is a turnoff for me, honestly.

Final Fantasies 8 / 9 / 10 - if I can do 7, why not the other 3? In hindsight I could've included this with VI but more people bring up/request VI than any other game (Chrono Trigger is close, actually.) so it kinda deserves it's own slot. Yes, I included 8 despite it being a stupid terrible game. I honestly kinda forget the ending.

Pokemon challenge runs - Not for everyone, I know, but this is for gauging interest. I could snag a Nuzlocke run for any version or some kind of a solo run, I've never actually done a solo run before, so that'd be interesting. Downsides being that most times I play Pokemon I start out and finish strong, but badges 3-6 are usually slow as fuck and people lose interest.

I also own Dishonored, LIMBO, Bastion, Mass Effect 1/2/3, Pyshonauts, Borderland 2, Saint's Row: The Third, Mirror's Edge, and Bioshock Infinite, all games I wouldn't mind replaying.

Everything I've listed I've done before, to varying degrees of success. Emulating any ps2 and prior game should be easy enough, so all of those are available. There are hundreds of 'new' games out there I haven't tried and haven't mentioned, dozens of series I could play through and enjoy with all of you, and I want to know what you want to watch, what you'd be willing to watch, and what you won't watch.

I know every game isn't for everyone, but I'm going to do what I can to meet everyone's interests as much as I can.

This was really rambly, so if you actually read through all of this, thank you!

also kittems needs to hurry up and finish the fucking site. mirite?


Unknown said...

Bastion would be fun to watch you play while you're drunk. Especially those end of game achievement challenges.

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