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July 26th, plans for the immediate (and not so immediate) future

All right! First time in a long time where I didn't spend most of the night streaming, and I'm sorry for that! Nimrod took me out to Philly to see the Symphony of the Goddesses, the Zelda Orchestra. Aside from a bottle of water being $4, it was -brilliant- and if you can make it to one near you in the future, I highly recommend.

One of the event's earlier segments was Link's Awakening. Now I replayed Awakening myself a few years ago, but that was before I had this stream. It was seriously great, I felt feels. FEELS.

So I'll be playing through Link's Awakening soon, within the week, maybe even the next time I'm live! And honestly I'm a bit excited.

Maybe I should name myself THIEF...

Anyway, that doesn't matter too much! Here's what does matter.


Sign-ups are open from now until August 9th, with a cap of 32 people! Sign-ups are open to absolutely every one, even non-30's, with a first come, first serve mindset.

If you are the 33rd person to sign-up, don't worry! I had at least five no-shows last time around, so you can just fill in! I am only allowing first-rounders to be filled-in/replaced. Everyone else just gets disqualified and their opponent gets a free win. It's just more fair that way!

If I miraculously happen to get 64 people to sign up, then that's fine, we'll do 64, but I sincerely doubt that many people will sign up.

It's a shame, but Riot never did get back to me, so for the time being I don't have any prizes to offer other than a $20 RP Card for the winner and ETERNAL UNDYING GLORY AND BRAGGING RIGHTS.

If any of you wanna help sweeten the pot and donate prizes, by all means, I'm not gonna shoot you down, but here's what you need to know if you're signing up!

1) First of all, it's for fun! It's going to be a lot more organized this time around, so rounds shouldn't take nearly as long.
2) Same set as last time, it's a $5 buy-in and you simply sign-up by donating $5 (Or $5.48 if you want me to get the full price! :D) and telling me your summoner name. It's simple!
3) Blind pick, with manual bans! That means we get together and you guys type out your bans, then get into a custom game that's blind pick.
4) First to 100 cs, first blood, first tower! I don't think we had a single victory from 100 cs last month, but we did have a few games that made it close.

If there's anything I missed, just let me know! Last time this was a great success, so I'm really hoping this works out. :D


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