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Hey guys, I'm posting this from Tanya/Sphincter's computer!

World's is in like 10.5 hours or something, I dunno. I'll be there with Sphincter and Marissa. We still don't have a sign but maybe we'll fix that today, we have some time. Leech is coming over soon, Marissa's still asleep, and their fucking cat has seriously attacked me four times. Fuck you, Voltron.

ANYWAY, biggish news. I JUST TAUGHT MY DAD HOW TO STREAM. Now I don't know what he's capable of, but I helped him set everything up over the phone, so the 0-3 of you who are interested tonight can watch stream, sync up with IRC, and play FIND THE THORRBO!

For anyone else going to the Semi-Finals as well, I'll post my seating info as soon as Marissa wakes up. She has our tickets and I just can't bring myself to wake up such a qt before she's ready.

Jesus christ I miss you guys so much.

Anyway, yeah. My dad might stream. I also still have rent and food to buy and stuff, so feel free to donate even if I'm not live! :>

Also you should really follow me on Twitter, I'll be posting about the matches and my experiences and shit, ya know?


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