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I am not fully moved in!

I streamed a few games of Worlds today in my new room after spending 12~ hours transferring everything over. My room is blue. I feel great. I'm finally out of that house. Thank you, all of you. I love each of you dearly.

Now here's what's happening.

For Sunday and Monday I'll stream normally. I'll probably MOSTLY play Majora's mask after a few hours of League of Legends, because I DO NOT HAVE A COMPUTER DESK. I am playing on a flat table with no back support, I'd really rather not play a competitive game with this set up, so the next two days are gonna be relaxing and chilling with you guys. Maybe some Pokemon?

On Tuesday, I leave on a flight to Phoenix, Arizona where I'll meet up with Marissa. Marissa and I will probably spend a night in her home and then we'll be driving to Los Angeles, California, where we'll be attending the Semi-Finals for the League of Legends World Championship Series. Spchinter Wolf (or) Little Leech will be attending with me for both Semis, Marissa for just the first Semi, and I will be alone for the Finals, I'm pretty sure.

We will also be spending five days at Sphincter Wolf's apartment, and then I'll be shacking up with MuffinWiz, someone I've become friends with after shoutcasting  League Judgement with him.

From September 24th to October 5th I will (probably) not be streaming. I will not be bringing my heavy fucking computer and Sphincter Wolf's internet isn't enough to stream. If I can stream at Muffin's place, then I will, but I'll just have to keep you guys updated on Facebook / Twitter. Seriously, just get a fucking Twitter for me and follow me and every other League of Legends person you like. )

I encourage you all to watch both events and play "FIND THE THORRBO" in IRC with everyone.

I'll strongly consider teaching my father how to stream for you guys before I go, if there's enough interest.

Anyway, guys, this is the most emotionally and financially stressful time of my life, so I really appreciate everyone who's stuck around with me through all of this atrocious bullshit. Thank you, thank you so much.


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