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Home from Worlds, ROAD TO DIAMOND, and monthly blog update!

First things first, Blaze bought an imthorrbo minecraft server. Now I don't play minecraft, but he says this:
[01:23] <PsychoBlaze> and is the minecraft server ip
so go have fun!

Now that that's out of the way, I can honestly say that for the first time in probably just shy of a year and a half now that I'm happy. We moved out of my Aunt's house. I had an amazing time in LA for World's, stream viewers and activeness have been up since I've been home, and I can finally spend time with my cat!

I'm back on twitch ( and I'm advertising my stream as a Tristana main road to Diamond, because let's be honest - she's my best and favorite carry, why not just say I main her and go with it?

On that note, I'm actually playing at least a few ranked games a day to push to Diamond. if I hit plat 2 soon (I'm plat 3 44 LP) then I'm not going to wait to stream after dinner anymore. I'm just going to go HAM and get that shit done. I honestly don't think of myself as a Diamond-caliber player at all, but honestly I haven't had any issues playing ADC at this level, I hardly lose lane and it's surprising to me.

And after the season ends, I think we're well over-due for another "24"-hour marathon! As usual, I'd like the game to be popular so anyone can enjoy it, but I'm open to absolutely everyone's suggestion up until the day this shit goes down.

I honestly thought I'd have more to write, but it's all sappy bullshit about how much I love you guys and how your support is immensely appreciated. Have a good day, friends. :D


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