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Marathon in one week! Small rant and idea post!


Hello friends!

I'm having a marathon in ONE week, Saturday, the 30th! It's gonna be great. I haven't decided if it'll be 24-hour or 48-hour, but I'm sure I'll just play it by ear. I haven't had one in a while, we are definitely overdue. The last two (Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts 1&2) were very successful and I had an amazing time doing them.

As of now I'm undecided on what I'm going to be playing. The game needs to be popular enough to interest everyone, interesting enough to keep people watching for extended time, and entertaining enough to make everyone happy. I'll throw up a poll with 3-5 games on it around Wednesday. here's what I have in mind, I'm very open to suggestions. Keep in mind, no game will make everyone happy.

1) Final Fantasy IX - A nice, long, somewhat nostalgic RPG that'll definitely cover at least 24 hours. I'm worried new people to the game wouldn't be interested, and poeple joining late would be confused/bored.

2) Pokemon Nuzlocke - A Nuzlocke run is where you can only catch the first pokemon you see per new area, and when a Pokemon faints, you must release it. I imagine Soul Silver would fill a marathon nicely, but not everyone would be interested.

3) Final Fantasy VII (AGAIN) - Immensely overpopular game that I've already beaten twice on stream, once in my marathon. This would be to draw in as many new people as possible, and I do know the game fairly well. The downsides are my regular, loyal viewers are probably sick of it. Except Yoss.

4) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - A game I beat on stream over a year ago, last October. It has the nostalgia, it has the gameplay, and I don't remember a lot of it, so I'd stil be confused on puzzles. The downside being I'm not sure the playtime, and I'm not looking forward to fishing up all the god damn triforce pieces fuck.

I have a few reasons for doing the marathon that I think I should make clear.

I have two main goals for the marathon - aside from giving you guys an awesome, 24/48 hour experience with me, of course.

1) Raise money. After the move and furnishing the house, we're barely scratching by, if even that. I'm hoping the marathon will help me buy food and pay rent, but if not, I only lose a little sleep for trying.

2) Bring in new, potentially long-term viewers.

The site and the stream are my life, seriously. Right now I stream from 6-2 am (I end around midnight if viewers are low lately, but I plan on stopping that) and then I play Pokemon until I'm tired enough to sleep, and then I wake up around 2-3 and wait for dinner so I can stream.

When viewers and IRC chat are low and slow, it seriously depresses me - which I really need to get over, but that's what happens. $0 nights don't bug me, really, but $0 weeks worry me financially. I feel like I'm failing. Viewers (and donations) have been erratic as FUCK recently. I'll have a good, popular night every now and then, but most nights we stay stable around 8-12 viewers, the game I play being pretty much irrelevant.

Advertising is difficult, if not impossible. r/lol doesn't allow singular stream posts, and they never liked me because I ask for donations. Lots of people on the general forums still dislike me from that ridiculous smear campaign last year, so it's incredibly hostile and really not worth all of the stress.

Which leaves me with word of mouth (If you like me, tell your friends about me!) and to go back to my roots, most of you know I started all of this from advertising on /b/.

People to run threads during the marathon and just in general would help immensely. It brings the site to new, fresh eyes, exposes me to people who can become long-term viewers, who can then tell their friends, etc. It's the lifeblood of the site.

The downside being no one wants to run threads because typing in a captcha every 30 seconds is boring.

I can't exactly do it myself, because watching me type in a captcha every 30 seconds while trying to stream is also boring.

So the best solution that I  see is for someone to step up and just multi task, enjoy stream and type captchas while running a thread. It brings new people in and I can't stress enough how important that is.

 So what I need to make this marathon successful:

1) Thread runners to step up. You just get a big folder of images, preferably sfw video game related, and type captchas. Yay.

2) Word of mouth! Tell your friends about it, about me.

If you guys want me to become bigger, you're the key.


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