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Thordad - Day 2 of League

My father, ladies and gentlemen.

"When you die in the game, do you lose your items?"

"No. Dying means you can't farm and you give the enemy gold. Lategame you lose map presence."

"Oh I was definitely lategame. We were like 40 minutes in. But all the recommended items were greyed out. I didn't know what happened. I had a lot of charms."

"You can only have six items. You need to sell or upgrade after that."

"...oh. So if I sold all my bullshit I could've actually bought things?"


"Huh. I went to the left today. And I killed the wraiths."

"To the left?"

"You know, you can go three ways, left, middle, and right."

"Okay so you went top."

"Yeah, sure. I went top. And eventually I got bored just fightin' those two guys so I went mid. But daaaamn, that motherfucker mid was scary. Some brick dude."

"...brick dude?"

"Yeah, brick dude. He put stuff on the ground."

"Brand. You went mid for Brand."

"Yeah, that's it! I kept seeing him put this circle on the ground and I thought - Oh boy, that doesn't look pleasant."


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