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My name is Thorrbo. I am not a creative man.

Warning: Coming off of no sleep and a seizure, it is now 10:15 am.

In that video Siv HD makes a pretty solid, quick mash-up of a WoW-themed UI for League of Legends. I'm still struggling to get the hang of OBS, but I didn't know what it was capable of before. The UI is still weird to me and cropping took me 45 minutes to figure out (hold alt and drag!)

I am not a creative man. Seriously. I can follow instructions and make things, but I doubt I'll come up with anything revolutionary on my own. I'd really like your help and input here. With OBS I can make anything really.

I can have a super fancy LoL set up with the map showing in the middle, irc to the right, my camera to the left, items/target/other shit somewhere else, I don't know. I can move anything anywhere and overlay it with images and gifs and make it look nice.

I can have multiple scenes for in and out of game. I can have emulator setups, fullscreen setups, Disney song setups.

What I would like from you: Anything! Can you make me a small, nice-looking logo? You know, something that says "Thorrbo" or "" so I can place it somewhere on the stream. Do you have a concept for a layout/UI I can use for League or something else?

I want to keep improving, growing. I want to be more entertaining and more captivating. The stream and this community are the biggest and best things in my world. This is my life and my livelihood.

I'll keep trying to slap something together on my own, but I would love input from anyone and everyone.


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