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Marathon tomorrow!

Hello friends! Tomorrow's the big day, FF7-In-One-Sitting Round 2: Electric Boogaloo! I'll be starting at 10:00 AM EST and I'll be going until I beat it, my goal is gonna be about 36 hours, because I take my time and voice act everything.

The goal of the marathon is to get as many new viewers in our community as possible, and raise as much money as we can. The only way this is going to be a success is if I have people advertise, tell their friends, show up, and run me threads. If you're enjoying the stream or just want to help out, I need to stress, every dollar counts. I just got hit with Cable, Electric, Phone and Groceries today, so I'm definitely hurting financially. I'm seriously hoping for a successful marathon, and for that, I need your help.

That's a link to download ST4 image dumper. With it, you can make threads on 4chan and bump them almost effortlessly. You just leave my stream up and type in captchas, pretty simple shit! If you do make a thread, type it like this:


This guy is beating FF7 in one sitting, get the fuck in here"

If you don't separate the website like that, you'll be auto-banned, so definitely do that.

If you don't want to donate or bump threads or help, that's fine too! All I ask is that you enjoy the stream, and to please join IRC. I thrive off of the community's voice and activity, so come keep me company!

I'm actually pretty nervous.


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