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This Saturday - FF7 Marathon. Yes, again.

Hey guys. Another post reiterating that I'm having a Marathon this Saturday, and it'll be FF7 again. My goal with re-doing FF7 is to get as many new people/donors in as possible and generally relax and play a game I'm (somewhat) experienced with. My last marathon was Windwaker, it went moderately well, but not as well as I'd hoped.

We've been pretty slow since New Year's, and I pretty much do nothing but think about my site, stream, and community - I'm fairly sure that this is the best way for me to go to spike up attention.

I still need your help though. We won't have new people coming in at all. So tell your friends, family, loved ones. Tweet me, share me on Facebook, and on Marathon day, download ST4 Image Dumper and run me threads.

It's pretty simple. While having my stream up, you pick a folder with images (I'll probably upload an imgur) and put in the thread url. Then you type in captchas while watching. You can store like 10~ captchas at a time, so about 30 seconds of typing every few minutes is immensely helpful.

yoss bumped me a thread for a few hours of Zelda the other night, we brought in an extra 30~ people or so. IRC was incredibly active, and from what I remember, everyone enjoyed themselves. So feel free to run me a thread at any time - this is how I started off, after all.

Back to the marathon itself, I'm undecided on if it'll be a standard 24-hour run, or if I'll beat it all in one sitting. As long as it's a sccess with viewers, IRC< and donations, I imagine I'll just beat it all in one go. But I definitely need all of you for that.

Whether you donate, show up, wish me luck, or ignore all of this completely, I still love you. I can't thank you for helping me turn my life and my father's life around. Also my cat.


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