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Video games! Marathons! Yay!

I'm marathoning again at the end month, i'll be more-than-likely Final Fantasy VII. It'll be the third time I've beaten it on stream, so old regulars won't be thrilled with the pick, but it's by far the most popular non-League of Legends game I've ever played here, the nostalgia factor is just too huge.

The marathon will only be very successful if I get people to help run and bump threads on /b/ and other various places. You can download ST4 Image Dumper, here:

then you simply find the desired 4chan thread, select a folder with images, and just type in captchas every few minutes while you watch me stream. It's immensely helpful in getting new people in. So I ask anyone who's willing to help me to just spend a little bit of time downloading images (final fantasy related if possible) into a dump folder and helping me out when the day comes.

Actually you can also just download League images and dump them during any normal day.

Or any images.

or anything, really. I'm not picky.


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