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Hey guys, few things to go over here. First of all, the site's two year anniversary is on April 1st! I'll be having a marathon, I'm not sure what yet, you can decide if I have the marathon on the 1st (Tuesday) or the following Saturday! Vote here!

As most of you know, I've lost my front tooth recently. I look absolutely retarded, but I can't afford to fix it now - my dad's medication and our food/rent takes priority on me looking even more ridiculous. I don't have dental, and it's just far too expensive (and painful?) to fix immediately. besids, I have another more pressing issue.

My computer's dead and stuff. Constantly bluescreening and was giving me massive graphic issues before hand. I'm currently using my dad's rig, which is just okay for streaming. I've lost all my overlays and honestly I'm pretty god damn depressed over how everything's been hitting me lately. I have two good things in my life right now, the stream and a lovely person I've met, and the dead computer makes it a lot harder to stream.

League of legends feels weird to me on this computer and I'm not sure why. The stress has me shaking a lot more lately, so starting tomorrow I'll look into just doing Pokemon or Chrono Trigger or some shit, I'm not sure. For today I'll be playing more Heroes of the Storm because, honestly, I fuckin want to. It's a really fun and interesting game to me, it's new to most people, and I've been lucky enough to get myself into the Alpha.

Heroes of the Storm has either been fantastic for viewers, or dismal. You guys either come and wtach in drones or there's no one here! Realyl hit/miss and confusing, but not a big deal, things are always volatile.

Basically I'm making this post because I'm not sure what to do with myself. I don't really have too much of a will to do anything, so if you have something in mind that will bring people in or fetch donations, or even something that just you in particular wants to see, please let me know!

This is your community just as much as it is mine and I love you all. Thanks for putting up with all of this bullshit with me. I'll be able to get through it as long as I have you suave motherfuckers on my side.


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