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It's Final Fantasy VII time!

It's 6:30 am, Marathon starts at 10:00, and I can't sleep anymore, so I guess I'll be doing this on three hours of sleep. Update: Sultan of Funk has generously offered to match EVERY dollar donated in the marathon. So consider every dollar you donate to be worth 2x! :D

First time here? Read this!

Hi there, im thorrbo. Today I'll be beating FF7 in one sitting as a little stream event. I'm live every day. I've missed only five days in the last 23 months. The point of my stream is to enjoy myself, entertain you, and help raise money for my father and I. All money we raise goes to food, housing, and medication - medication being for my dad's post-cancer flesh-rotting staph infection, morphine is expensive. So I do ask that if you're enjoying the stream to please consider donating. Every dollar goes directly to improving my life and my father's life.

Be sure to join irc! I pride myself on viewer interaction.

Most days I'm playing League of Legends. I also go through Zeldas, Pokemons, Final Fantasies, various other emulated games, and whatever the community feels like playing.

I have a fantastic little community going on here, and we're always looking to grow. I tend to be live most days from 6 PM EST to at least midnight, and I push it to 2:00 depending on the day's doantions/level of activity.

If you have any questions, please ask!


All right guys. Like I opened up with, I'm doing this on very little sleep, so let's crush it anyway. Two main things make marathons successful. Viewers and donations. My very first marathon we averaged 110~ viewers for a good ten hours. The last time I did FF7 we averaged 80~ and peaked at 250. For Windwaker, we averaged 30~ and peaked at 50. None of this is really important, I just figured people would be interested in some numbers.

This will only be a success with your help. If you can't donate and you don't have a lot of time, that's fine, you'll brighten my day by just stopping by and saying hi!

if you're someone who would like to help, what I need is advertising. I'll have a Reddit thread up, and 4chan threads are pretty pivotal to every marathon's success - that's where I started anyway! back to my roots.

Now, I'd run my own threads, but watching the streamer type in captchas every few minutes is seriously not fun and detracts from enjoyment. So I ask that you help me out with this regard.

That's a link to download ST4 image dumper. With it, you can make threads on 4chan and bump them almost effortlessly. You just leave my stream up and type in captchas, pretty simple shit! If you do make a thread, type it like this:


This guy is beating FF7 in one sitting, get the fuck in here"

If you don't separate the website like that, you'll be auto-banned, so definitely do that.


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