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Sunday at 7:00~ PM EST I finished beating Final Fantasy VII in one continuous stream. I started at 10:00 AM Saturday after only getting about three hours of sleep.

I streamed for a solid 33~ hours and together we raised just over $2,000. I want to thank our two highest donors, Sultan of Funk ($1,000) and Brian($250.) Sultan agreed to match every dollar raised in the marathon, which is biggest reason why we raised so much!

I also want to thank Yoss, ottermeat, and Goatsgoatsgoats for bumping me so many threads - and so often. I realize there were a few others who dumps and bumped, but these three did it more than anyone, if I remember correctly! So thank you, seriously.

For every single person who donated, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you. I've been running this site to support my family for almost two years now, and you going out of your way to help improve our lives means the world ti me, you have no idea. I am in your debt.

For everyone else who simply enjoyed the journey with me - I love you! I would be nothing and no one without every member of this community. The site is my life, and you're all family to me - despite how absurdly dysfunctional we all are together. I hope to see each and every one of you even more.

And in case you missed it -

Cloud - Cloud
Barret - Barret
Tifa - Lady Twat
Aerith - x420YOLO
Red XIII - Nidalee
Yuffie - Jailbait
Cait Sith - Can't Sit
Vincent - Princess
Cid - Major Tom

Our final party was Cloud, Nidalee and Major Tom. I had a few clusterfucky moments in the final fight - if there's enough interest I'll upload it for everyone who missed it!

It was another fantastic, amazing experience, and I look forward to our next marathon together. Thank you so much!


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