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Mass Effect marathon this Saturday, 10 AM!

Oddly enough, Mass Effect won. Weird, I know, but you guys voted for it! More decisions to make, though. Here's out next poll for how we play it!

All right, cool. You guys want story and space sex. I'm totally fine with that. As a disclaimer, I'm going to romance the fuck out of Tali. All the time. That's not up for discussion. Now, as with every marathon, I'm going to need the usual from you guys. All of your love. Basically show up, hang out, enjoy the stream. The goal of the marathon is to reignite stream interest, get new viewers (/b/ threads, reddit, word of mouth) and raise enough money to not worry about rent or food or meds (I'm <$200, IT'S GREAT.) Last marathon was Final Fantasy VII, we raised just over $2,000.

If Mass Effect, for whatever reason, isn't bringing in the viewers or dollars and it just a failure after so many hours, I'll change it up to something. Mario Kart, League of Legends, Zelda, FF9, hookers and blow, whatever works. It'll still be a marathon no matter what, I just don't want it to be a failed one!



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