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Possible marathon this month!

Saturday, May 3rd. Here's the god damn poll, vote in it. I know options are limited, I'll revise with suggestions if you have any good ones.

Basically as for every marathon, money's stupid tight right now, and we definitely need to spike interest up again. I want to avoid being repetitive and mundane to my regulars, but I also want to pull in as many new people as possible. But sadly, I've decided against just doing FF7 every month. The options I have up righ now are Mass Effect, Zelda, and FF9. I feel like Pokemon would get stale, but I'd be willing to do it if there was interest. For FF9, I don't remember -too- much about the game, so it'd be a decent playthrough even if I don't know the runtime. There's no way in hell I'll beat all three Mass Effect games, but I figured I'd throw itup.

For Zeldas, if there was enough interest, I'd just do multiple games with 3-heart runs. Shouldn't take me too long to chop through them for a 24-hour show, worst case we get to make fun of me dying a shit ton to Ganon. Again.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, let me know!


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