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Please keep in mind, this is the last night Bytyan is offering to match donations up to $135. That means if you donate $30, he donates $30. On top of that, I'm still offering to drink/take shots, starting at $5/shot and getting more expensive as I get more drunk. Anything to entice donations np.

Tonight I'll be streaming my first ever campaign of Dungeons and Dragons. It'll be through Skype. My party consists of Dylan the Cleric, Quail the Bard, Hohenheim the Ranger, Bytyan the Fighter, and me, the Rogue. Quintessence is our Dungeon Master, which sounds delightfully kinky.

Quint was going to have a unique campaign ready for us, but he choked under pressure, and wants more time to fine-tune it. Tonight we'll just be doing a premade campaign I assume. I don't know, I'm not the DM. Basically if it fails it's all Quint's fault!

We'll have a battle-grid on screen for action and combat, but a lot of it will be talking and roleplaying our characters out with skype banter and so forth.

I figure IRC can pitch in for general strategy and ridiculous ideas. This is just your campaign as it is mine! "I don't like the old beggar, kill him! KILL HIM THORRBO. FUCK IT, KILL HIM."

I'm going to have no idea what to do and be clumsy. Of our party of five, 3 of us are completely new, one has played a few times, and one's experienced. Hopefully it'll be a fun and entertaining night for everyone.

And if you have no interest in DnD, come stop by anyway! You might be surprised.


Since money is still a major issue, i'm going to copy/paste the last blog here. 
Shit's rough right now. If I didn't raise $370 in the Mass Effect marathon, my bank would be -$100 at the moment. So, from my point of view, the best steps I can take to help raise more donations are fairly limited.

For starters, I just set up a $30 daily donation goal. If I can raise $30 a day, we should be absolutely fine as we are to cover rent, food, medication, etc. Now, I don't actually expect to meet this every day, I expect to fall short and exceed every now and then, but I think it's nice to have a goal in mind for myself and you guys.

Secondly, I can not stress how ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT  thread runners for /b/ are. Seriously, I can not do this myself, it takes too much away from stream. As far as I know, ST4 Image Dumper is broken, so you'd need to manually bump threads, but a year ago this was the entire lifeblood of the site. It's how we grew as a community and how I stayed with a roof over my head.

As it is now, I'm living off of regular viewer contributions, and you guys are helping out plenty and I love you all, but we mall have our won financial troubles, you can only donate so much. So I ask, please, save some relevant images, spend a little time, and run me a thread on /b/. Even if it's just for League of Legends, people joining IRC and enjoying the stream is immensely helpful, especially if some end up donating.

Most of you watch the site from here, Which is great, you join IRC there and everything, but a lot of new people go over to And it's quite barren over there. I'm inept in such things, so I'd need the help of someone (multiple people?) to make it look nice and pretty, with qt images, explaining what I do, when I do it, and why. Donation links, IRC links, twitter/fb, etc. All of that is way over my head. If you're able to help me out with any of that, please let me know.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, that'd be great too. I'm at a loss here.

If nothing changes, or if everything changes... either way, I love you all. Thank you. I wouldn't be here without your support and love.


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