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Today's the day! Mass Effect Marathon!

We have four goals today, ladies and gentlemen. Let me fill you in.

1) Raise viewership! I'm looking forward to seeing old regulars as well as new blood. Advertising is how we'll accomplish this. /b/ threads would be FANTASTIC, they always here. I also threw up a thread on r/masseffect here -

2) Raise donations! It's no secret that it's been fairly slow since our last marathon. So I ask that if you're enjoying the stream, to please consider donating. All money raised goes to food, housing, and medication, and not a single dollar gets wasted. God I'm going to say that like 100 times tonight fuck me. But it's true. Every single dollar is immensely appreciated it. Last marathon, Final Fantasy VII, we raised just over $2,000.00. Let's see how we do this time around!

3) Play the game by -our- rules! I asked and you guys answered. Paragon? Renegade? Fuck it. We're going to go with the flow because Commander Thorrbo Shepard doesn't play by the god damn rules. Wrex might not survive the first game, even! IRC is going to help me with every major decision. Normally I'd say every decision in general, but with stream delay that'd take way too fucking long, so I'll just decide what the best option is for us based on our decisions so far... as long as we follow our fourth goal.

4) Fuck the shit out of Tali. Yeah that's our goal. We're gonna romance the fuck out of her. If you know any odd decisions that impact that romance, you better speak the fuck up and let me know. Seriously.

Anyway guys, that about sums up our goals and strategies today. My dad says he's willing to come in and take shots for donations sometime tonight, so that'll be fun. Be sure you join us in IRC. If you donate, please let me know so I can fucking thank you properly. It's a pretty bad feeltrip if I can't thank someone for going out of their way to help me, especially someone new.

Even if you don't donate and you just come in and enjoy the stream - thank you, I love you.


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