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I'm recovering! DnD and stream future!

Edit - Recap of our entire DnD campaign so far! Only two sessions!

Today should be the last day I don't feel too well, so it might be another early night if I find myself tired again. Hopefully not! I still don't have any front teeth, and I'm still in a good bit of pain, but my face isn't nearly as swollen, so I look much less retarded. It definitely hasn't been positive for me financially or for stream.

I've put a lot of work into Dungeons and Dragons lately. A lot. I've probably pumped 70+ hours into immersing myself into this campaign, designing the dungeons and stories, and just setting it all up in roll 20. It's definitely the only thing I look forward to in my life at the moment, which makes me pretty dull I guess, but I'm liking it!

One of my friends, Cavman, suggest that I look into letting people donate to get themselves into this campaign. There are a -lot- of recurring NPC's. Basically, I'll immortalize you in my Shackled City campaign as an NPC that the party interacts with. You can be an existing shopkeeper, an enemy in a dungeon, a random noble they deal with, whatever you'd like! We'll retcon in the story if you want to be someone who was already introduced, although we should probably at least keep genders the same.

So instead of donating for a shot, or for me to take my shirt off, you can donate for Kazmojen, the slaver, to be named after you. And then the party will probably kill you, it'll be awesome. I'll be writing up a recap of our campaign tomorrow, since we all plan on playing.

I just bought The Witcher 2 on today's Steam sale. I considered buying Civ V and all of the DLC goodies, but it's a bit too much of an investment for my current financial situation. I figured I could afford $4 for The Witcher, though!


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