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I'm writing this at 7:30 AM on no sleep.

Edit! Here's my face after 20 hours of antibiotics!

I am in a REMARKABLE amount of pain. My second front tooth just fell out. Well, moreso, it was hurting so much and so loose that I gently nudged it out. Which bought me about an hour of pain relief. And then the real pain kicked in.

I don't know why, the with the majority of my tooth gone, now my gums are inflamed and pissed and throbbing. Breathing hurts my tooth, talking even more so, and god forbid I accidentally shut my mouth all the way, the pain is literally incapacitating.

If you're not caught up and you're wondering, "Hey, Thorrbo, why are your teeth so fucked up?" here you go: It's two things. 1)When my mother was fourteen, she had to have every single one of her teeth removed, she's had dentures ever since. Despite not missing a day of brushing since I was 7, my teeth enamel continues to get rekt, and here we are. 2) Half a year ago or so, one of my seizures was rough. My jaw interconnected with the ground and knocked some of my teeth loose. I was alone and they didn't feel too fucked up at the time, but I'm pretty sure that's what really started this whole mess.

So, my current situation is this. I am in a startlingly absurd amount of pain. I'd like to think I have a pretty high pain tolerance, seizures fuckin suck, and tooth aches are abysmal! But this is by far the worst tooth pain ive ever experienced. In fact, the only pain worse than this, was the extraction from the dentist itself.

The extraction, as much as I dread it, has to happen. I simply can not live like this. I'm only going to be able to eat apple sauce and jello until it happens. Drinking water is a chore and hurts with every swallow. Three problems with the extraction exist, however.

1) I think the bill last time ran us like $350. In my bank, right now, I have $280, and I still have rent and bills to pay, and grocery shopping in a week and a half. So I clearly can't fucking afford it, and as far as I know, they don't extract without full payment.

2) I'm a pussy. Seriously, I'm honestly incredibly scared to go through that again. Even through all the novacaine or whatever I was under, even after the nurse told me it would be super bad, I was not prepared. Maybe it hurt extra because my gums were inflamed, like they are now, and were ultra sensitive? I don't know, but I'm terrified.

3) Once the tooth is extracted, I don't think I'll be able to talk properly. Aside from the obvious ramifications of -not having any fucking front teeth-, not being able to talk is also scary. As it stands, I can still talk kinda. I just said 'motherfucker' out loud, but every now and then my tongue will brush against my tooth and it'll hurt a lot, so I can't extensively test this.

All in all, I'm in a shit ton of pain and I'm super fucking depressed. I'll still be streaming tomorrow, I imagine I might even try talking more so I won't have as bad a lisp.


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