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My birthday! And other things.

Next Thursday, the 12th, is my birthday. I'll be streaming of course, but I don't really have anything special planned. Since I moved, I don't have any friends that live near me, and there aren't exactly a lot of birthday games I can stream. If anyone has any suggestions, speak up!

DnD is planned for tonight, as long as Quint doesn't cancel again. Which is good! I don't have a whole lot of good things going on in my lfie now, so honestly DnD is the one thing I have to look forward to. So hopefully we'll be able to enjoy ourselves tonight.

It's been rough lately. Everyone's busy with school ending and summer hitting and friends and all that, but lately I've been kept afloat by mostly Bytyan and a few other regulars pitching in. At this rate my dad and I aren't going to be able to afford to live here, so I clearly need to do another marathon, and find people actually willing to bump /b/ threads the whole time. It needs to be something to draw as many new people in as possible, but not FF7 because you guys would castrate me.

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. About anything.


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