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New events!

They're not good events. Yesterday I got a foreclosure notice meant for my landlord. Maybe he's not paying the mortgage with our rent money, I don't really know.

Today I woke up to my dad telling me two things. 1) He almost died during a coughing fit while smoking. He said he kept on thinking shit like "I can't die, David's not ready." etc. He's had five cigarettes since, as opposed to his usual 12-15 by now.

2) He spent $305 grocery shopping. Since out kitchen was bar, we pretty much needed everything. I looked over the list, everything was pretty essential except for $2.50 he spent on half a gallon of ice cream, that greedy bastard.

I don't know, maybe food and groceries are just a fuckton more expensive now, but that was all of the birthday money I raised, we're back to being almost in the red again.

With stream as slow as it's been lately, I don't know what to do.


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