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1v1 Tournament tomorrow!

Note: In the last few days, I believe two people bought into the tournament whose name I forgot. If that's the case, I'll just have to remake the bracket. I could've sworn I had 15/16 signups, but when I looked through donations, I only came up with 13. That means the 3 highest rated players, Winry Heartfilia, Mechanical, and Sultan of Funk all get byes.

I'm looking to start at 7 EST, going top to bottom. If you're AFK and miss your turn to come up, we'll simply delay you. If you miss the entire round, your opponent just gets a free win.

The bracket (for now) is here! It's simple and not pretty but it'll get the job done.

As my funds are too tight to warrant buying more, first place will be HONOR and GLORY and RESPECT and BRAGGING RIGHTS. And a $10 RP code!

I'll be watching/streaming every game. Not spectating, that shit takes too long.

Quick rules - If you have any questions, please let me know!

1) We'll be on Summoner's Rift, mid lane. Each person gets three bans, done in chat, higher bracketer bans first.

2) Win conditions: First blood, first tower, 100 CS. Any of those three means you win.

3) The first two rounds will be a bo1. Time provided, the third round will be a bo3. If it's getting too late, we'll do bo1 instead. I want the finals to be a bo5. I don't think this should take too incredibly long, so I imagine round 3 will be a bo3.


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