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All right, new game plan.

EDIT - Here's a poll for what time I start Saturday's FF7 Marathon! Please help me out and vote :D

As it stands right now, we're pretty screwed financially. My dad and I have $21 between us at the moment, and we definitely can't afford food let alone rent at this rate. So, here's what I'm gonna do. Well, try and do.

Next Saturday, Emily said she'd come over and join me on stream and drink, so hopefully that'll entice viewers/donations, people tend to like hit chicks playing video games, right?

The following Saturday after that, I'm going to say fuck it and marathon Final Fantasy VII. For like the ninth time or something. My goal here is to get as many new people from /b/ and reddit as possible to help my situation be not so nearly as desperate. Obviously a good portion of you will be sick to death of me playing it at this point, but hopefully you'll be able to see my situation and how I'm doing what I can to prevent it - I'm gonna be homeless in a month because of how stream's been lately, so I need to do everything I can to fix that.

After the FF7 Marathon I'd like to marathon FF10, provided I can get the disc (Anyone wanna buy that for me?) or a good rom.

On top of that, I'm working on having my dad's medical papers scanned and I'm gonna go back to League General forums to advertise as soon as those are available. I'm sick of the occasional person thinking I'm some kind of liar or scammer, it's absurd.

Anyway, those are my immediate plans. Again, everything helps guys - I cannot stress that enough. Thanks for bearing with me through all of this bullshit, I love you.


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