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Saturday is my FF7 marathon! But first of all, here's a poll deciding what two characters I'll go through the game with (+ Cloud) please keep in mind last play-through was Yuffie and Caith Sith!

Sultan of Funk has generously offered to match every single dollar raised for the duration of the marathon. That means you donate $15, he donates $15, etc, etc.

The two winning time-start poll options were 10 AM and 6 PM, so I'll be starting at 10 AM like most marathons before me. It's a lot easier on my body to stream for 40~ hours if I start earlier.

I'll be beating all of Final Fantasy VII in one sitting using the characters in the poll above. If it's dynamic/changing during the marathon, I can swap people out - it'll keep it interesting at least!

For tonight itself, Emily will be on her way here in like, 5 minutes. We're going to be getting drunk and playing video games all night, she'll basically be taking over stream and just fucking around with everyone tonight. And since I never lag, she can't blame anything on lag! ha!


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