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It's finally time!

I didn't get much sleep, but herewego.jpg. I threw up a reddit thread over at r/finalfantasy as well, with any luck we'll get a few fresh faces to join us!

As a reminder: Sultan of Funk has generously offer to match every single dollar raised during this playthrough. For example, if you donate $35, Sultan of Funk donates $35. Double the worth!

In case you don't know me, hi! im thorrbo. Today, I'll be beating all of Final Fantasy VII in one sitting. I'm a pretty viewer-centric streamer, I've been building a small, somewhat dedicated community for the last 2.5~ years.

I have a straw poll up deciding what characters I'll be using. As of this post, Red XIII and Vincent are in the lead! My last run-through was done with Yuffie and Caith Sith.

I imagine this will take me about 35~ hours. For most marathons I do on my site, I only take breaks to eat dinner - other than running to the bathroom down the hall or grabbing a drink.

As for the good cause, all the money I raise on my site goes directly to improving my father's life and my own - namely food, housing, and medication. I'm epileptic, and he's still on morphine from a nasty flesh-rotting staph infection he got from post-cancer complications. He's much more stable now, but morphine is expensive, etc. If you have no intention of donating, that's 100% fine, please just come and enjoy the stream!


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