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Two Saturdays, two marathons!

First things first - here's a poll for what time I should start the FF7 Marathon this Saturday!

As with pretty much every marathon, word of mouth and advertising is the only way we can make this successful, so I'd appreciate any thread runners or outside influences to get people to enjoy themselves with me!

This coming Saturday I'll be beating FF7 (again) in one sitting. I'll (probably) work on FF10 the immediate Saturday afterwards, but if for some reason my plan doesn't pan out, I'll probably dip back to Zelda or something familiar as well. I suppose FF9 could work - but never 8. Fuck FF8.

Sultan of Funk has generously offered to match every single dollar donated during the marathon this Saturday. You donate $5, he donates $5! You donate $350, he donates $350! Double your worth!


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