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Zelda Marathon in just a few days!

Rejoice! World's is finally over and this coming Saturday starting at NOON EST I'll be doing my 24h+ Zelda marathon! The + is there because, provided I have the viewers and there's enough interest/donations, I'll keep pushing it to 36/48. As of right now, the poll results have me playing Windwaker -> Ocarina/Majora's. All 3 heart runs!

Honestly 3 heart Windwaker might kick my ass, but we'll see.

I still need to set up my emulators since this is a 'new' computer (RIP $250 :() and I lost the one I'd been using up until now. I'm incredibly excited to do another marathon again, even if the showing won't be near what we've had in the past. So be sure to stop by and even tell any of your friends/family that might be interested!

Remember, everything helps guys, and either way, I love you all.


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