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Finally, today's the day. After putting it off a few weeks because of League of Legends World's I'm finally hopping back in the marathon saddle. Today, because of your poll votes, we'll be playing some Windwaker to start things off! It'll be a 3-heart run, but keep in mind - that doesn't mean I'm good at the game. I imagine I'll be stumbling quite a bit as we go through this.

If this is your first time here, hi, im thorrbo. I stream here -every- single day pretty much, even though I'm usually playing League of Legends. This website helps support both myself and my father. I'm epileptic and my dad's on longterm disability for his back + on morphine for his leg from post-cancer complications (he got a nasty flesh-rotting staph infection that ended up doing significant longterm damage) but let's not dwell on unpleasant things!

The only profit this site provides me with is donations. So I ask that if you're enjoying the stream to please consider donating! All money raised goes to food, housing, and medication, and not a single dollar gets wasted. And if you do donate, I'll put your name on up at the scrolling text at the top so everyone can know just how fantastic you are. Of course I'll read any notes from any donation, that's just common sense. Unless it's like a donation of $0.01 and is incredibly vulgar, then NOPE.

I'm honestly a little stressed and uneasy about the marathon today. I'm only going on 3-4 hours of sleep since I was nervous last night. Since we've been slow throughout the last few months, I'm really hoping this marathon pulls through - maybe that'll be motivation to push it through a bunch of extra hours, yeah? 


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