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Post-marathon feels

Yesterday I ended up being awake for 40~ hours since I couldn't sleep after our marathon. I also had my first allergic reaction to my new body wash, having my entire body be covered in painful welts was fucking awful. I've mostly recovered but I am god-damn tired.

As far as marathon goes, it was the lowest viewer count we've ever had, which is fine. The Reddit post didn't draw in anyone new and no one was willing to run /b/ threads, so we had all of our regulars the whole time. Which was still fantastic. I had a lot of fun 3-hearting Wind Waker. I had two game overs! I tried to do a stupid combo that Big Dan led me to believe was easy, then fucking Zelda literally shot me in the back immediately and killed me in our last fight. Cunt.

Big Dan might step up and do a video collage of the marathon, who knows? In the meantime, we ned to be looking towards the future. Get hype!


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