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Plans for this month!

tl;dr - Possibly getting evicted, marathon on 31st, philly trip.

EDIT - Philly trip snowed out delaying until next tuesday!

EDIT 2 - I -need- thread runners and general word of advertisement to go well for the KH marathon this weekend. To make that work, I need all of your help. ALL OF YOU. If you'll be available, please let me know.

Okay so! I have a few things on my plate right now. First of all, I'm having a two-day trip to Philly with a lovely lady so I won't be streaming the 26th-27th, and I'm having another Kingdom Hearts 1 AND 2 marathon on the 31st! And my landlord's getting foreclosed on.

Let's go into detail about all three.

My landlord's getting fucking foreclosed on. He's a scumbag who's now dodging us and all of our calls, who probably won't give us our security deposit. Sheriff says 'the bank' will be contacting us with either a new, more expensive, lease to sign - or a 60-day eviction notice. I have no power over my landlord paying his mortgage, so as we stand right now my father and I are just kind of hoping 'the bank' just forgets about us and moves on. My father and I do not have the money for another security deposit for another place.

WELL NOW THAT THE SHITTY PART'S OUT OF THE WAY. I won't be streaming the 26th or 27th. Alivia has decided to splurge and take me out to Philly to spend a few days enjoying the town (AMONG OTHER THINGS) so I'll be doing that.

I plan on having another marathon pretty might right after on Saturday, the 31st. Once again I will be playing both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 in one sitting. Last time I did this it took me 47 and a half hours of constant, continuous playtime. I believe I wiped on a KH2 boss for a good 3 hours of it, though, to be fair. I'll also buying another gamepad for this, because last time I did this the X button is still fucked, I don't think my current controller will survive another encounter.


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