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About my scumbag landlord.

tldr - forced to move, saving up, seizures, teeth, cat dying. wow this is not a happy post.

EDIT - Tommy passed away on my bed about an hour and a half before his vet appointment. I was with him for a few hours before he died, but he finally went as I stepped away to tell my dad he probably wasn't going to make it, so I wasn't actually with him when it happened. Bytyan has offered to cover the cremation and ash recovery because he is a fantastic person. Tommy was my best friend for 17 years, he was a cuddly, loving son of a bitch who didn't care that I held him up on camera at weird angles or snuggled him into submission. He slept with me practically every night of those 17 years. I'm numb right now, but I already miss him terribly. I was able to take this picture about an hour before he went. RIP.

He's dodging us. He lost the house four months ago and continued to collect rent from us and lied and told us he still had everything under control. Now he's MIA with our security deposit and I doubt we'll be seeing that at all. I came home from Philly the other day to a realtor changing our locks. The bank wants to sell this house right away, no matter what we do.

So we're going to save up as much as we can and follow my mother to North Carolina, apparently. The draw is that rent is cheap for an apartment (my father's told me $450/mth) and we'd be able to afford to get me to a neurologist for my epilepsy and a dentist for my teeth. As it stands, we would never be able to afford that unless stream -really- took off. For epilepsy, I'm still having multiple seizures a month, and for my teeth, i need to have every single top one pulled out and replaced with dentures, and have most of the bottom ones pulled and replaced with a partial denture.

As a sidenote, I think Tommy is getting closer to dying. I couldn't really think of a less morbid way to put that, he's not eating, he's been acting erratic, and his face is discolored. I need to hold off on sending him to a vet for as long as I can, but I'm definitely going to be a wreck when he does eventually die, be it this month or a few years down the line. I've had that cat with me day and night since I was six, and I've never dealt with serious loss in my life yet.


I'm going to try and get back into ff9 one night, I just need to secure discs 3 and 4. Blaze and Dylan are reading Fate/Stay Night which is great! I'm not sure what I want to be streaming as of late, so all suggestions are more than welcome.


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