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Looking Forward

Wednesday, April 1st, is's third anniversary. Normally, I would be trying to plan an event to celebrate! However, I'm moving to North Carolina in just ten days, the 21st. My father and i simply cannot afford to live where we are and are relocating because of it. If I'm able to stream capably in North Carolina, I would like to have a marathon to celebrate. I'll know more after I move and see how set up I am and how stable the internet is.

A lot of things have happened to me over the last few months, hell, years. For anyone who's been out of the loop, I'm going to do a real quick recap for you, in no  particular order.

My landlord is getting foreclosed on, despite still collecting rent from us every month. He's refusing to give us our security deposit back. This prompted our move to North Carolina.

Tommy died. On Friday, February 13th. I was tehcnically with him at the time, but I stepped away to tell my dad he wasn't going to make it, and he died before I came back. This was the last picture I got with him, about an hour before he passed. I am not taking it well, whenever I lay down to sleep, I just think about how I let him die literally next to my pillow. most nights have me awake to 9~ am or so.

A few months back I lost both my front teeth, I now have a bit of a lisp. My mother had a tooth/gum  disease that I can only imagine I have as well, combined with the fact that 8~ months ago I had a nasty seizure where my face connected with the floor and knocked all my teeth loose. The current plan is to get almost every tooth in my mouth pulled and be fitted for dentures. In the meantime, well, I don;t have front teeth.

My shaking's been a lot worse this past month, for obvious reasons. Becuase of that, League of legends is more difficult to play and a lot more stressful. In the meantime, I've just been mindlessly grinding out Diablo 3, looking for an Ancient Torch for my Monk. Without an Ancientt Torch i've peaked at Greater Rift 45, which at the time had me at top 250 on the leaderboards. I really enjoy the game and playing with my friends or alone. I realize it isn't the best to stream, though, so I'm trying to work around that.

All of that is pretty shitty information and just generally not happy. So let's be happy. I'm incredibly happy that, for the last three years, I've had so much love and support from my community. We're a small bunch, but my father and I would be truly lost without you. You're all practically family and words can't properly convey the true appreciation I feel for everyone who takes the effort to watch me, talk to me, or donate to me.

I love you all, thanks for all of your help in these awful times. Let's look forward to brighter days in our future together!


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